Best way to reach at your Destination

I am new to Cincinnati. So do not have much contacts and not also any great knowledge about the city. I was already late due to my flight. I came to Cincinnati for an urgent meeting and presentation. I was losing hope to reach office on time. But I was thinking about what to do and just taking steps out of the airport and all of sudden I saw 2-3 people were looking on an advertisement and dialing the number for Cincinnati yellow cab service. So I did the same because I do not have any time to think anything. I got a quick response from cab office. Within 2 minutes I received a call back directly from cab driver who is asking for my exact location. I saw a cab coming towards me I ran and get in the cab quickly, looking at my conditions cab driver understood that I am in rush to reach somewhere.

Now I have another deal that what direction or landmark should I give to cab driver to understand my destination, but the driver was so knowledgeable about the city that he understood correct and shortly. Since I am new to Cincinnati so he suggested me about the good hotels to stay and also some nice places to visit in Cincinnati, but sorry for this time I cannot visit them because of busy schedule of office but I will come again and spend a good time with Cincinnati.

The cab driver is talking to me to make me calm, LOL. I am really very  impressed with the comfortable ride of cab, you can understand this that I am writing this so smoothly while traveling to my office. Now I am cool by mind because now I can figure out the time that I will reach office on time and can attend office meeting. Thank you so much Cincinnati yellow cab for providing quick and smooth cab service in Cincinnati.


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